Tips for Designing a Chic Bathroom

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Designing a bathroom is challenging, considering that it is one of the most highly used rooms in the house. You want it to be chic without compromising its functionality. But don’t worry because there are some tricks on how you can quickly achieve a chic bathroom.

Tips for Designing a Chic Bathroom

Incorporate Your Bathroom’s Architecture

If your bathroom has an awkward space, make sure to work your design around it. Experiment with how you can make it your own space while making the design work for the architecture. For instance, if you have an elongated yet narrow bathroom, use large horizontal windows to create depth and then incorporate floating marble countertops to add drama. 

Kelly Hoppen Shenzhen Paris Bathroom
Shenzhen Paris, Interior design by Kelly Hoppen

Marry Two Design Concepts

Designing a chic bathroom is all about how you can put designs together to achieve a statement room. You can incorporate traditional design with modern concepts. For instance, you can splash your walls with a glamorous Phillip Jeffries wallpaper and KOKET sconces before changing your fittings to vintage pieces from Kohler and laying a vintage-inspired rug on the floor.

gold nature inspired wall sconce - passion sconce by koket

Keep it Clean and Bright

A chic bathroom is one that exudes cleanliness. It is easy to achieve this by changing up the color of your walls. Paint them white. Then, add white subway tiles. Adding white furniture wouldn’t hurt, as well. Don’t forget to add a statement chandelier to make it even more appealing to the eyes. 

Hanover Terrace London Projects Bathroom
Hanover Terrace Bathroom designed by London Projects

Incorporate Functional Shelves

One of the ways you can keep your bathroom well-organized is the use of unique built-in wall shelving for all your knick-knacks. When adding shelves, don’t forget to consider how you often use your bathroom. 

Maximize Your Space

If you have a corner space, use it wisely. You can use a corner shower enclosure to make use of every space in your bathroom. Don’t forget to add wall-hung countertops and cabinets to create an illusion of space. 

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Make It Your Own

For some, their bathroom is their sanctuary. It is a place where they can be alone to relax. That said, don’t be afraid to give your bathroom a personality. Get out there and make it your own. You can enlist a designer to hand paint your walls. Use your imagination. Give your bathroom a piece of you. 

chic bathroom Interior design by Casa do Passadiço
Interior design by Casa do Passadiço

Don’t Forget Your Floors

Your tiled floor can also be the centerpiece of your bathroom. Don’t be afraid to use patterned tiles to give your bathroom that extra pizzazz. You can go for a black and white marble flooring to make it super unique and interesting. 

Interior design by Vadim Maltsev Design & Decor

Highlight with Mirrors

Don’t underestimate the power of a mirror to make your bathroom the chicest. Use large mirrors with elegant frames as a centerpiece. You can use a William Kent-style mirror that comes with a custom French gesso finish from Ceylon et Cie. 

Put Up Dynamic Walls

You should take inspiration from Erika Bearman’s exquisite powder room. It has a botanical wallpaper fused with an embedded medicine cabinet from Restoration Hardware, which gives the room intoxicating energy. Note that when using an embedded medicine cabinet, make sure that you won’t hit any plumbing work. If you’re unsure, get Allstate home insurance quotes or quotes from other insurance companies so you can be protected as you make your design process. 

Put a Plant In It

Nothing makes a room chic more than an indoor statement plant. Choose the one that is as bold as your personality, such as a fiddle leaf fig tree. 

Westminster Fire Station - Interiors by Studio L, Building by Alchemi Group and Far East Orchard
Westminster Fire Station – Interiors by Studio L, Building by Alchemi Group and Far East Orchard
Photo Courtesy of Studio L

Design Away

When designing a chic bathroom, there are no hard and fast rules. Sometimes, you just have to make your creativity run wild!