4 Design Ideas For a Cosmopolitan Interior Space

luxury cosmopolitan living room interior design four seasons residences pepe calderin

If you are looking to change up your interior design and go for something with a more “now” or cosmopolitan feel, read on!

First, What Is Cosmopolitan Interior Design?  

Cosmopolitan interior design is an urban modern design style featuring varied patterns, colors, and textures. This design theme can include minimalist modern elements, edgy, experimental designs, glamorous chic, and ethnic heirlooms, all colliding in a 21st-century setting. 

Larger furniture pieces, like couches and beds, tend to be low-profile and uniformly sleek. Decorative accents, such as mirrors, pillows, and end tables, usually demand creative expression with elegant geometric designs and vintage pieces with traditional embellishment.

Now, let’s check out some top design ideas to achieve a cosmopolitan interior for your home!

Cosmopolitan Interior Design Ideas


Many households have busy kitchens. It pays off decorating where the family meals are prepared first because it’s one of the most challenging parts of a home to decorate. So, here are some tips to revamp your kitchen with a cosmopolitan vibe.

cosmopolitan interior design ND Interiors Kitchen KOKET Nahema Bar Stools
Design by ND Interiors featuring KOKET Nahema Bar Stools

Up Your Bar Stool Game

Bar stools are a great way to add cosmo vibes to your kitchen. The standard height for kitchen stools is 24-26″ inches from floor to seat for counter stools. These are designed to pair with a table or counter 36-39″ H. Bar stools are generally 28-30″ from floor to seat, paired with a 36-39″ table or counter. These heights fit most home bars and kitchen islands for dining. Be sure to also allow 6-10″ between each bar stool to avoid crowding.

Upgrade Your Faucet

A great way to revamp your kitchen is to change your faucet. One good example is a motion sensor faucet in chrome or stainless-steel finish, where you place your hand over the sensor to activate water flow. Also, you might want to install one of the best designs of faucet-mount home water filters to complete the kitchen sink while providing safe water for cooking and drinking. 

Revamp Your Backsplash

The backsplash is the space between the kitchen countertop and the kitchen wall cabinetry. For example, a marble white tile backsplash with gray tile touches that extend to the ceiling is very cosmopolitan. You might also want to consider a mirrored backsplash finish for a glossy reflective surface, highlighted when struck by sunlight. Further, a metal finish gives the kitchen ambiance a “strong” feel with smaller metal tiles to attain a dramatic accent. 

cosmopolitan Interior design by CetraRuddy for 212 West 72nd (Photo by Scott Francis)
Interior by CetraRuddy for 212 West 72nd Street (Photo by Scott Francis)

Install a Custom Pantry

Take your kitchen to a new level by installing a custom pantry and a gold-plated island with built-in shelves for your cookbooks. It’s a smart idea to install floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets for plenty of storage following the open-concept kitchen. For a clean and handsome look, dark finishes, such as dark blue kitchen cabinets, are perfect. 

Update Your Lighting

Install under-cabinet LED light bars. These long, narrow lights installed onto the underside of kitchen cabinetry illuminate prep areas and countertops. For an even more cosmo feel, add a beautiful contemporary chandelier or sconces to your space.

All the Luxury Unique Lighting Brands You Need to Know


When it comes to bringing cosmopolitan style to your living room, design update ideas to consider include changes in carpeting, flooring, and lighting. Check the following living room design tips for a cozier feel.

Vandewater luxury residences library living room
Vandewater Library Living Room

Transitional Enclosed Carpeting

This type of carpeting style involves enclosed or full floor carpets, featuring two or more patterns, geometrical designs, and colors. Transitional enclosed carpeting adds drama into a modern living room.

Trendy White Flooring

Start designing your cosmopolitan living room by changing your old tiles to large white tile flooring for a neutral base. You might want to consider terrazzo flooring. Terrazzo is a highly durable flooring material, impervious to stain and water damage.  

Install Luxury Lighting

For a cozy living room, invest in a luxury cosmopolitan chandelier with transitional design elements. A white linen shade pendant light with brushed nickel finish is graceful and charming. 

Add Lush Pillows and Throws

To achieve a cosmopolitan look, choose geometrical patterns and bold colors for lush pillows.

luxury cosmopolitan living room interior design four seasons residences pepe calderin
Four Seasons Residences living room by Pepe Calderin Design

6 Modern Living Room Design Ideas


Make your bedroom more relaxing with the following cosmopolitan design tips.

Interior decor by KOKET

A Ceramic or Marble Table Lamp

Make your bedroom a more relaxing haven by placing a ceramic or marble table lamp to illuminate your space with an artistic character. You might want to choose a ceramic table lamp featuring an elongated white ceramic body and white fabric shade. A ceramic or marble table lamp is a neutral design, which will make you realize that it’s one major thing you were missing.

Update Your Dresser

Organize your wardrobe in cosmopolitan style with a multi-drawer dresser. For a chic look, pick trendy gold hardware accented dresser with spacious drawers to keep any item stored away.

Headboard Embellishment

Choose a modern glam headboard design with a gold or silver finished headboard nailhead trim, fully upholstered velvet, and black gold with solid wood legs.

RS3 Designs Klubal_FL Bedroom LR
Interior by RS3 Designs

Hang a Statement Mirror

For a cosmo-bedroom-vibe, opt for an edgeless statement mirror or one with silver or stainless-steel trim.

The Best Wall Mirrors to Make a Statement


A cosmopolitan bathroom embodies minimalistic design with the following style ideas.

Install Edgeless Mirror

An edgeless mirror is a smart and cosmopolitan-inspired design. You can hang a frameless mirror with clips by placing one on each side. Frosted glass with geometric patterns for your shower divider also looks contemporary.

cosmopolitan interior design kips bay javier fernandez black and white bathroom
Design by Javier Fernandez at Kips Bay Palm Beach 2020 (Photo by Nickolas Sargent Photography)

Wall Hung Toilet

Wall-hung toilets are minimalistic and modern. They take up less bathroom space and provide a clean, airy aesthetic. If you want to achieve a contemporary designer look, then a wall-hung toilet is the best choice. 

Marble Flooring

Marble for wet area applications, such as white marble, is a great material. This beautiful stone is water-resistant and brings a luxurious timeless cosmopolitan feel to your bathroom space.

Decorate With Lighting

Decorate your bathroom with diffused ceiling lights. Then add vertical lights flanking your mirror for maximum light, perfect for applying makeup.

Now, you’re ready to redo your home with cosmopolitan style vibes!

hyptnoic sconce by koket

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