8 Simple Changes to Make You Happier At Home

A lot of factors contribute to a happy life. Good friends, healthy relationships, a positive work atmosphere, etc., are essential for a happier life. However, nothing contributes more to a happier life than your home.

Your home is the last place you are on most days, and also is the place where you relax and, well, come home to! Therefore it is also essential that you feel happier at home as well.

Staying happy at home involves many factors: it should improve productivity, boost your mood, provide a calm/cozy atmosphere, or help you stay active or entertained when needed.

To help you build a positive home environment, today, we bring you a list of changes to make you happier at home.

8 Simple Changes to Make You Happier At Home

1. Add Plants to Boost Productivity

Including plants in your home environment does not only help in oxygenating the air and adding a fresh look but also helps boost productivity as well.

According to psychologists, adding plants to your work atmosphere can boost your productivity by about 15 percent.

happier home the haute interiors office
Interior by The Haute Interiors

2. Add a Pool Space in Your Home Compound

Swimming is a great exercise for your body and your mind as well.

Adding a pool space in your home compound helps you have a refreshing swim alone or with others whenever you feel like it. And of course, then there are sunbathing and pool parties?!

Most people consider adding a pool within the home compound to be quite expensive and space-consuming. However, many brands like Watson’s Pool & Spa offer pool installation equipment for home compounds of all sizes.

happier home sabrina monte carlo villa riviera pool
Design by Sabrina Monte Carlo (Photo by Guillame Plisson)

3. Let the Natural Light Come In

Natural lighting is a crucial factor for all homes. An abundance in natural lighting increases the vitamin B and vitamin D content in our body and decreases our reliance on artificial lighting sources, thus reducing electricity consumption.

Apart from such benefits, recent research by Origin Global states that over 90 percent of homeowners consider bright, large rooms significantly boost their mood.

Bright rooms with abundant natural lighting flowing in will help you feel calm and relaxed or even stay fresh and motivated when needed.

Design by Dseesion
Design by Dseesion

4. Choose Mood-Boosting Colors

Did you know that the colors surrounding you in your room also play a significant role in how you feel?

Bright, light, and warm colors are generally told to offer an optimistic feel. On the other hand, dark & muted colors offer a sad, negative vibe.

Examples of happy colors would be orange, pink, yellow, etc. Whereas colors such as brown, grey, black, etc., are considered dull colors.

Therefore, while picking colors for your room walls or the furniture, make sure to select options with warm & happy colors to give an overall positive vibe to your home.

Interior by Moller Architects featuring KOKET Millicent Chaise (Photo by Rachael Mckenna / NZ House & Garden)

5. Use Diffusers for Pleasant Smelling Ambiance

Just like color and light, our brain also perceives moods and feelings with our smells as well. Now you know why you’re always happy when your favorite food is near!

One of the best ways to always keep your home smell fresh is using an oil diffuser/aroma diffuser.

Oil diffusers are devices that break down aromatic oil into smaller molecules into the surrounding air, thus adding a pleasant smell to the air. Most oil diffusers have replaceable/refillable diffuser compartments, and therefore you can refill them or change the oil compound to change the smell.

koket reed diffuser empowering scent happier home
Empowering Scent by KOKET

6. Decorate Your Room with Photos

According to research conducted by Loyola University, thinking of positive and good memories for 20 minutes a day helps people become cheerful and happier.

Moreover, reminiscing past good memories also helps stay away from depression and negative thoughts.

One of the best ways to remember the good old times is by decorating your room with photos of moments or people dearest to you.

The best place to add such photos would be your bedroom and living room, and these places would be where you’d spend most of your free time.

Binoculars by The Heirloomist

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7. Arrange Seating Area for Conversation

Talking with people is another activity that can keep you happy while at home.

No matter whether you’re talking with the people living with you at your home or with others over the phone, you must have a dedicated seating area to talk peacefully.

Therefore, set up a dedicated seating area for conversations in your home. Make sure that no other distractions are there in the conversation area so that the people talking can stay focused in the conversation.

happier home koket nude interior design living room
Interior by KOKET

8. Use Candles and Twinkle Lights to Make Your Home Cozier

Candles and twinkling lights are another great way to make your home feel cozy and comfortable. They are also minimal light sources, thus don’t directly hit your eyes with their brightness.

Scented candles are even more effective as they offer the comfort of cozy lighting and a mood-enhancing smell as well.

What Helps You Stay Happy at Home?

If you’ve come up with ideas and changes in your home space to keep you happy, then do share them as comments below to help others feel positive while at home as well.

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