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Recently, the shaker kitchen style has received attention from high-quality cabinets, where you can separately change the doors as much as you want. Read on as we explore how incorporating shaker kitchen doors will instantly up your kitchen’s luxury appeal.

About the Shaker Style Kitchen  

The shaker style kitchen came from the mid-18th century when the design was supposed to be simple and functional. The lack of ornamentations is also part of the style, but that doesn’t make the shaker style less attractive, especially when adapted to the modern world. 

The beauty of shaker kitchens lies in the colors. People back then loved to paint their furniture in red, yellow, green, or blue, but sometimes they would oil the natural wood, and that was it. But cherry wood and maple were the most used and appreciated tones for the kitchen furniture. The preferred material was Oak, as it allows for the grain pattern to show even when painted, but Sapele wood was also frequently used. Another feature of the shaker kitchens was the importance of storage. They would have a chest of drawers that took up entire walls, peg rails to hang utensils, or even chairs from the floor. 

But nowadays, shaker kitchens are appreciated for the luxurious twist, with rich colors and bold furniture, so let’s see how you can embrace this style in certain kitchens and incorporate shaker kitchen doors. 

Types of Kitchens That Are Perfect for Shaker Style Doors

Shaker doors nowadays provide better quality, durability, and strength due to the core material of DMF, with a PVC that has a wood grain embossed into it. So, you can replace your old kitchen doors with shaker ones, and you can be sure they’ll last. But let’s see how you can make the most out of them.

Modern Shaker Style

Modern kitchens have clean and uncluttered designs. You can have plain doors in any colors you like or even use darker tones to contrast with the white walls. So, simple shaker kitchen doors are the way to go. But that doesn’t end there. 

A modern shaker kitchen has an overall uncluttered aesthetic with much storage to hide appliances, benchtops, or accessories. While here, less is more, you can bring some personality to your kitchen by striking bar stools or colored splashbacks. And lastly, the space needs to be cleaned frequently; otherwise, the beauty will fade away.

When it comes to lighting, you can have some pendant lights above the benchtop with geometric shapes and exaggerated sizes. But they should have simple designs, like the appliances and kitchen accessories. 

intuition dining table koket luxury kitchen furniture breakfast area round modern metal table

Transitional Shaker Kitchen

A transitional shaker kitchen is supposed to make the transition between modern and traditional, to blend those features into a balanced design. Simply put, in a transitional shaker kitchen, you’ll find warm and cozy traditional elements combined with cooler and sleeker modern features. Here are some tips to help you grasp the design:

  • When it comes to lighting and flooring, pendant lighting comes in handy, next to plank-style flooring (specifically wood and wood-look flooring). You can update the flooring with bold-looking rugs to enhance the kitchen’s look.
  • The transitional kitchen finishes include black and brass. With small pulls instead of oversize cabinet hardware, you can make a brass finish stand out easily. Geometric tiles also mimic the overall crips lines of this style.
  • It’s also important to talk about accents and patterns. Herringbone is a perfect pattern for the backsplash, with long ceramic tiles. The window above the sink can be encompassed by wood trim for the traditional look. You can update the flooring with bold-looking rugs to enhance the kitchen’s look.
  • This style is frequently found in open kitchens, as you can easily incorporate anything from other designs, like glass-front cabinets or waterfall countertops.

Traditional Shaker Style 

Lastly, the traditional style is the closest to the original shaker design. Shaker kitchen doors and cabinets feature a flat center panel and square edges, with minimal detailing or profiling. The ideal colors roam around earthy tones, but the key stays in the traditional finish of the furniture. 

With high-end materials and heavy appliances, the traditional style is nowadays more modern. Still, you can find many products that look old, maybe even unfinished for the aesthetics, but will be provided with the latest technology. 

What type of door should I choose? 

There are a few types of shaker doors, with:

  • One panel
  • Two panels (one panel on top of the other, split at the center)
  • Three panels (one horizontal rectangle and two vertical rectangles at the top or bottom)
  • Four panels (that feature rectangle panels stacked)
  • Five panels (stacked panels placed horizontally)

Final Thoughts 

When talking about the shaker style kitchen, people expect some outdated appliances and designs, but that’s far from the truth. A shaker kitchen is all about functionality and the feel of a home, so the design can be pretty subjective. In the end, you need to choose what style of shaker suits your aesthetic and stick to timeless pieces of furniture.

Feature Image: Former kitchen of Amanda Frances, explore the full project in West Hollywood Luxury Living with Amanda Frances

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