5 Creative Ways to Give Your Home a Hotel Vibe

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Most people go on vacations when they want to refresh and relax. This is the only time they get to stay in resort spas, luxury hotels, beautiful bed and breakfasts, and lakeside inns, among others, enjoying a luxurious living experience. However, did you know that you do not have to go on a vacation for you to enjoy a luxurious living experience? Well, the truth is that you can create a hotel vibe in your own house and enjoy this life every day.

Doing this will require you to look at the essential things in a hotel. This might include things such as robes, beddings, and bath amenities. You might also have to consider the offerings you get when staying in a hotel. So, how do you give your home a hotel vibe creatively? Read on!

Keep Things Simple

Keeping everything simple is one of the easiest things to do when creating a hotel vibe in your home. Even though you can inspire your interior design with modern trends, it is always good to keep it simple.

Have you ever entered a hotel room and found it messy or cluttered? Chances are you have not. Similarly, you should ensure that your home looks sparkling and fresh for you to get that hotel vibe.

In addition to keeping everything simple, ensure that your home remains clean all the time. You can schedule cleaning to take place at certain times of the week. You should also remove any unwanted furnishing.

Use Sconce Lighting

If you ask most people, they will likely tell you that the stylish lighting in hotels is one of the things they like most about their hotel stays. Due to this, you can consider adding sconces in your bedroom to give the room some royalty.

There are many options to choose from; try ornate English-style sconce lights for a traditional hotel look. If you are looking for a minimal look, go for modern sconces. Need more inspiration? Be sure you know how to choose decorative lighting.

In addition, look for side tables for your bed and install light table lamps on each. The lamps should be identical to bring balance and continuity. However, be careful not to over-decorate.

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Interior design by KOKET

Use White Linens

When vacationing in a hotel, you often spend extra time in bed. Similarly, the bedroom in your home is one of the areas that should have the hotel vibe you are trying to give your home. When creating a luxury bedroom, using fresh and crisp white linens is a must!

Even though there are different colors to choose from for your bedsheets, pristine white bed sheets will work best when going for a hotel look. You can also add softer textures and drapery to stress the white color in other areas of your home as well.

Recreate a Spa Bathroom

Like your bedroom, the bathroom plays an important part when bringing a hotel vibe to your home. Looking at most luxury hotels, you will realize that their bathroom design is open. It is also exposed to a lot of natural light and recessed lighting.

This is what you need to create in your bathroom to give it a hotel vibe. To start with, ensure that any dingy and dark corners are eliminated so you can create a soothing and refreshing atmosphere inside the bathroom.

You might find it difficult to recreate what you see in hotels in your bathroom. In such a case, you might be forced to remodel the entire bathroom. This might require you to get a loan or credit. But before then, it is important to note that understanding your credit score is important.

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Interior design by KOKET

Add Some Artwork

The interior of your home will need some signature artwork. This does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money looking for art additions and accessories that you see in some of these luxury hotels.

The easiest way for you to add artwork to your home is to look for vintage collections from your local market. However, be sure that the artwork you choose is both beautiful and captivating.

Other creative ways of giving your home a hotel vibe include using designer decor, adding natural textiles, and using appealing scents. Once you have your space completed, lay back and enjoy!

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