Interior Design Trends for the Roaring 2020s

roaring 2020s interior design trends interior-by-leyla-uluhanli-interiors

The Roaring 20s is best remembered for being an era of economic prosperity and the rise of consumerism. It’s a time of luxury and optimism as people celebrated the end of World War I. Women in America were given the right to vote, and people with newfound wealth used it to purchase radios, cars, and electrical appliances. It’s a period of carefree living that makes it a memorable time in history.

It also ushered the luxurious art deco style—geometric shapes, mirrors, mirrored surfaces, metallic hues, greenery, and modernity. If all these seem familiar, it’s because we’re in for another round of Roaring 20s. But, this new round places an added emphasis on functionality and sustainability. 

We certainly can relate to the feeling of overcoming a dreaded disease. We’re a year into the COVID pandemic with high hopes from newly-formulated vaccines. We’ve found ways to thrive, and just like the hopeful 1920s, we’re using it as an opportunity to transform our homes into a luxurious, functional, and sustainable haven. We’re turning them into multi-use spaces perfect for home office, gym, and playground.

If you love the Roaring 2020s trend as much as we do, there’s no better time to remodel than summer. Clear sunny skies and ideal weather spark creativity to spruce up our living spaces that we’ve come to know better and love all the more. 

This year’s interior designs are a comeback of classic art deco motifs and materials. Colors, furniture, and fabric make bold statements on an aesthetic and sustainable level, featuring personality and environmental consciousness. 

roaring 2020s Interior by Leyla Uluhanli Interiors moscow apartment
Interior by Leyla Uluhanli Interiors

If you are planning on incorporating roaring trends to upgrade your living space? Here are some suggestions you can try to add some flair into your home makeovers.

Color: Pop or Bold

Art deco colors move away from monochromatic palettes to take on bold and striking statements. You can paint an accent wall in the living in deep rich colors of teal, forest green, or wine red. If you want brighter tones, you can choose from electric blue, tangerine, or powder pink. Apart from walls, these colors also make vanity shelves and cabinets look fabulous.

You can incorporate these colors into décor pieces such as throw pillows, sculptures, or lamps for minimalists. Pops of color make spaces exciting and updated. These will surely make your home stand out, espcially to Milwaukee house buyers.

Interior by Katerina Lashmanova featuring the Vamp Sofa by KOKET
Interior by Katerina Lashmanova featuring the Vamp Sofa by KOKET

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Go Natural 

The Roaring 2020s also call for all-natural materials such as natural wood and fibers. Use rattan, wicker, cane, or bamboo for your indoor and outdoor furniture. Tactile textures from wool carpets and rugs also create a luxurious feeling. Alternatively, you can choose other natural fibers such as cotton, hemp, or jute for bedroom furnishings and curtains. For upholstery, try velvet in solid colors or geometric designs.

Natural fibers and wood are not only suitable for your home, but they’re good for the environment as well. They’re biodegradable, durable, and age beautifully, making them a sustainable investment for your home. 

roaring 2020s interior design trends Sea Cliff Collection by Selamat raffia furniture
Sea Cliff Collection by Selamat


Plants are all the rage right now, and you can use some of them inside your home. You can put in-season plants or succulents for a vibrant feeling and keep an abundance of fresh air around the home. Besides, the green foliage enhances our connection with nature and helps promote wellness while at home.

Aside from creating an indoor jungle, you can also set up lush garden rooms to keep summer feels all year long. Use hanging plants or raised gardens to add structure to these open areas. These extensions help you maximize your space indoors and provide you with extra room outdoors where you can relax and socialize. Add in decorative lights such as string lights so you can enjoy warmer months, even during nighttime. 

greenery roaring 2020s interior design trends Photos by Martina Gemmola
Photos by Martina Gemmola

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Mirrors give an illusion of space, and we’re seeing more of them as mirrored finishes come to the fore of home decorations. Metallic is in as well, in favor of chrome and stainless steel in furnishings. Wallpaper in marble and geometric designs are also making its way into home interiors as a way to brighten up rooms for some fabulous Roaring 2020s vibes. 

Aside from this, sunburst décor, either as mirrors or decorative lighting, are classic and glamorous additions reminiscent of art deco style. You may even consider investing in art pieces such as large posters, paintings, and sculptures. If you’re on a budget, opt for replicas or look for functional and artistic furniture pieces instead.

Harbury Country House by Peter Staunton Design Studio featuring KOKET's Orchidea Cabinet & Yasmine Side Table
Harbury Country House by Peter Staunton Design Studio featuring KOKET’s Orchidea Cabinet & Yasmine Side Table

Home Technology

Technology plays a central role in the Roaring 20s as it does today. This era saw the first radio and television, and much has changed since then. Now, we have flat-screen TVs and online radio to keep us entertained. 

Innovative home technology allows you to manage your devices and ensure they’re energy-efficient. Smart lights allow you to manage brightness, while smart plugs can direct sufficient power to your electrical device. Add in automated heating and cooling systems, and technology can make your home efficient and functional all year round.

How Are Modern Homes Embracing Smart Technology

Art deco of the Roaring 20s is making a comeback so far this decade, emphasizing functionality and sustainability. Trends reflect not only bold color statements but also feature environment-friendly choices in furniture and decorations. With this new round of Roaring 20s, we’re seeing people turn to nature for sustainable materials. Natural wood and fibers make indoor and outdoor furniture homey and beneficial. Plants also play an essential role in indoor jungles and room gardens. Seeing lush greens inside and outside our homes allows us to reconnect with nature and enjoy its numerous therapeutic benefits.

Sustainability also goes hand in hand with technology as a prevailing trend for this year and beyond. As we spend more of our time at home, we’re looking for ways to keep devices increasingly connected and keeping energy consumption to a minimum. Using innovative home technology can keep homes functional. 

These roaring trends for the 2020s show great potential for homes to become luxurious and valuable spaces. Their benefits also extend to the environment with sustainable features, thanks to technology.