New Interior Design Trends That Will Be Hot in 2021

2021 interior design trends pantone color of the year 2021 ultimate gray illuminating koket luxury furniture

Most of us spent lots of extra time in our homes for the better part of 2020. While this year has not been pleasant for many people, it was also an opportunity to explore a different way of living. And with that new interior design ideas. Going into 2021, take on a new feel for your interior and create spaces to lift frustrations borne of 2020 off your shoulders and look to a bright future.

You probably already invested in improving your home with comfier furniture, houseplants, lighting, and framed images. From changing your balcony with new interior design styles featuring winter accessories to embracing new textured colors, there are endless opportunities to personalize your spaces in 2021. 

From our research, here are the most popular interior design trends expected to dominate in 2021.

1. Gray Color (and All Neutrals)

Gray is not just a combination of black and white. There are a lot of ways you can incorporate it into modern interior design. In 2021, we predict gray and all neutrals will feature prominently in home interior design. Neutrals are exciting and create something you would never consider boring. From your wall décor to furniture and other elements, you can play around with different shades of gray and other neutral colors to create a calm atmosphere.

pantone ultimate gray interior design trends 2021 by koket
PANTONE Ultimate Gray, Color of the Year 2021 by KOKET

The beauty of neutrals is that they are timeless, and they work with almost all spaces, both as center stage and background colors. This versatility makes it easy for homeowners to embrace the colors and improve their interior spaces’ serenity.

According to Pantone, Ultimate Gray is one of two colors of 2021 alongside Illuminating (a vibrant yellow). Such a combination will add value to your interior and make it look rich, sunny, and friendly.

PANTONE Ultimate Gray + Illuminating, Color of the Year 2021 from KOKET
PANTONE Ultimate Gray + Illuminating, Color of the Year 2021 from KOKET

2. Industrial Interior Design

We also project a comeback for industrial interior design. This features an aesthetic trend that borrows clues from industrial spaces and old factories, which have recently been converted to living spaces and lofts. You can also incorporate this trend with the introduction of unexpected materials that create a rustic interior design

industrial design interior design trends 2021
Photo by Jonas Jacobsson

Generally, it’s about adding a raw, unfinished look to your interior. You add pieces that provide both style and function. With this design trend, you can showcase neutral tones, wood and metal surfaces, and utilitarian objects. 

The key characteristics of industrial interior design include exposed ducts and pipes, wood and metal surfaces, and vintage furniture and accessories. With more people looking to explore beyond mainstream interior design trends, industrial interior design is set to be one of the feature trends in 2021.

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3. Grandmillenial

The grandmillenial includes design trends that the mainstream culture would consider “outdated” or “stuffy”. As people explore a more traditional approach to interior décor, they have discovered the power of antiquated pieces for interior design. Those floral, stuffy, and chinoiserie-filled interiors our grandparents enjoyed are back but with a 21-century makeover, so it’s nothing boring. 

interior design trends 2021 Grandmillenial vibes from KOKET
Grandmillenial vibes from KOKET

You can add these elements by layering traditional elements like carved wood case goods, chinoiserie, and cushy upholstery, but with a contemporary twist. It’s easy to personally implement this design if you have essential tools for home improvement. The surge in people choosing traditional décor avails many ideas you could borrow from. 

A throwback style, such as grandmillenial, brings nostalgia with memories of your grandparents’ house. We predict more people will experiment with traditional elements, which places the grandmillenial interior design among the top picks for interior design trends for 2021.

4. Vintage Style

Another way to introduce unique elements is through vintage apartment interior design, which involves using artificially aged décor or old furniture. This design trend utilizes natural materials such as wood, stone, and forged elements. 2021 will see the resurfacing of more vintage design elements, especially designs inspired by nature. 

vintage sitting room design by carrie livingston
Interior by Carrie Livingston

Classic design styles from the 20th century, such as custom furniture, add perfect harmony if combined with new elements to create the classic feel without being outdated. There are many ways you can achieve the vintage style, one is focusing on symmetry. For example, you could add two identical armchairs next to your fireplace. Symmetry lengthens the room and adds depth, and using light shades makes the room feel spacious.

5. Houseplants or House Gardens as a Part of the Interior

The use of natural materials for interior design has skyrocketed in the last few years. Houseplants and house gardens create a more layered space and welcome the outdoors in. Research has linked natural elements to mental health. Human well-being is heavily linked to the natural environment, so having houseplants or house gardens as a part of your interior design could positively impact your mental health.

Dripping Gold Concrete Effect Plant Pot by Audenza
Dripping Gold Concrete Effect Plant Pot by Audenza

As the world becomes more digitally connected, people want an outlet, especially after spending a good part of the day on their electronic devices. A home with natural interior design living room elements creates a connection with nature that allows you to unwind from your tech-driven lifestyle. This will be a key player among 2021 interior design trends.

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6. Decorative Glass

Good interior design not only features comfort elements but also utilizes decorative elements to create an atmosphere. Decorative glass is a form of art that allows you to express your feelings and create a connection with your spaces. There are many applications for decorative glass, including adding elements on the walls and your floors. You can use this type of décor on waterfalls, suspended glass ceilings, decorative windows, dividers, and more. 

interior by kate hume featuring decorative glass office design
Interior by Kate Hume

Like any other form of art, it lets you explore your feelings to create a personalized space. The 2020 pandemic reminded people about the need to create a space that embraces them every time they step in, so going into 2021, you will see more interior décor that leans towards personalized styles.

7. Organic Products (Including Sustainable Products)

Throughout 2020, we saw more interest in organic products for minimalist interior design. This trend is expected to flow into 2021 as more people catch on to create spaces inspired by Scandinavian interior design, made up of sustainable materials and products. The organic design embraces green living and makes it a lifestyle and style. From furniture to fabric, you incorporate more natural characteristics, most items made with fewer chemicals. 

This design trend highlights natural flowing forms and dynamic curves. It also emphasizes functionalism. The awareness of the impact of industrial processes on the climate has inspired more people to take action. Opting for organic products is one way to contribute to this campaign.

8. Statement Pieces

Homeowners and designers have been working to integrate a sense of authenticity in home interior design. We expect this design trend to continue into 2021 as homeowners experiment with minimalist-inspired interiors. A statement piece could be described as anything daring or bold. This could be color, artwork, furniture, and even lighting. 

interior project by koket statement console table and venetian mirror brass floral sconces hallway design
Interior by KOKET

Anything that adds character and personality to space will work well as a statement piece. It should draw attention and be unique from surrounding elements. Modern design language accepts statement pieces that are confident and can stand as a point of interest. A colorful rug or a show-stopping sofa would work well in a room with neutral colors, but don’t add anything else that draws attention. You can use statement pieces to add flair and depth to space.

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9. Wild Walls / Textured Walls

In the spirit of wandering from the mainstream, we also see more focus on special characteristics such as textured walls and wallcoverings. Textured walls allow for artistic expression and have a functional purpose as they help hide signs of drywall installation. Although textured walls were previously thought to be outdated, designers add modern characteristics that make the classic elements blend effortlessly with modern décor. You can use a textured wall to add warmth and character if you want to upgrade your interior. With wild walls, you can simulate any natural elements, including stone, wood, and marble. Even feathers!

interior design trends 2021 Feather wallcoverings by KOKET
Feather wallcoverings by KOKET

10. Bright / Happy / Mood Enhancing Décor

Neuro-architecture has been on trend for years, with people incorporating different features into style to create a mood. This type of interior design focuses on improving humans’ response to the environment around them. It’s catching on and looks promising for 2021 and beyond. 

Bright red is energizing and powerful while popping yellow creates a cheerful and energizing mood. There is also bright green, a color suitable for a calming effect because it resembles fresh grass. All the different colors you pick should be placed in the right context to achieve the desired effect.

interior design trends 2021 PANTONE Illuminating, Color of the Year 2021
PANTONE Illuminating, Color of the Year 2021 by KOKET

You can also enhance the mood with shapes and textures, especially rounded shapes. Also, lighting plays a vital role in making a space inviting. Both natural lighting and lamps can create a unique atmosphere in your spaces.


If you want to know how to design a house interior, you should first consider the kind of atmosphere you want to create. Interior décor is about building an intimate connection with your spaces. Thus, from integrating unique furniture to adding statement pieces, there are many ideas that will transform your home interior into the place you want to be every day.

Did we miss any interior design trends you see coming in 2021? Do you have any interior design tips can you share to help homeowners transform their spaces? Let us know in the comments below.

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