11 Ways to Brighten Your Home for Summer Interior Design Vibes

colorful table setting Sabrina-Monte-Carlo Summer Interior Design Ideas to brighten your home

Your home is the real expression of your personal taste and style where each corner is curated to meet your unique needs. If you’re thinking of redecorating and giving your home some summer interior design vibes, there are many ways you can brighten up your house to impress all of your guests.

Whether you’re planning to sell, looking to embrace the summer season, or you just want to feel summery joy all year round, there are various summer interior design ideas you can play around with. If you don’t know where to start or you’re searching for inspiration, below are some great ways to create a space filled with summer vibes.

11 Summer Interior Design Ideas to Brighten Your Home

A New Welcome Accessory

Placing a new doormat or one with a summer bright theme outside your front door can be a great way to welcome your guests into your house if you’re planning to sell your home, whether with a real estate agent or cash buyer, a clean welcome mat or other welcoming accessories like a wreath can make a good first impression on potential buyers.

Incorporate the Elements of Nature

Big-sized potted plants and planters are some of the best ways to lift the energy of your home and bring a little of the outside greenery inside. If you’re wondering what pot patterns and colors to consider, try to mix and match them to make your surroundings more vibrant. You may also place them together near a big window to ensure that they’ll get ample sunlight. Further, if you don’t have space for floor planters, go for tabletop!

Interior by KOKET featuring the Enchanted Dining Table chandra and asia dining chairs - brighten your home for summer interior design vibes
Interior by KOKET featuring the Enchanted Dining Table

Another way to include more greens is by hanging plants in the corners of your home. You may even opt for the indoor climbers against big walls for an extra dose of color.

During summertime, flowers blossom everywhere, so bring some inside. You can use a bright vase and make it the centerpiece of your dining table. You may also place some small pots around your room to make trendy floral themes for each room. Not only does biophilia radiate summer interior design vibes, but it is also great for your well-being and that of mother earth!

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Create Mirror Magic

To make a summer-ready and high-fashion home, you could add a big statement mirror to any room to reflect more light and create the illusion of a bigger space. On a small scale, mirrored items like decorative objects and side tables may also help add a touch of glimmer and spread light to your space.

luxury living room summer Interior design ideas to brighten your home by KOKET featuring the REVE Mirror
Interior by KOKET featuring the REVE Mirror

Choose Lighter Bedding

If you want your room to look summer-ready, put away the flannel sheets and thick duvets and replace them with lighter or breezy cotton ones instead. Choose an overall minimalistic look but with a hint of color by using some patterned pillows. You may keep your thicker blankets close by just in case it does become chilly during the nighttime.

Through changing the feel and look of your bedding, you can transform your entire room completely. New duvet covers are perfect for this purpose. Go for comfortable and light linens as fabric options, and don’t forget to incorporate the patterns inspired by the aqua colors of the beach for perfect summer interior design vibes.

Create a Beautiful Table Setting

Consider purchasing accent dishes to add a splash of summer patterns and colors to your dining table. Mix tropical, bright floral, or nautical-theme dishes with your daily bowls and plates. To highlight your summer decorations, have a small table that can be used as an impromptu bar and arrange glassware and bottles on a serving tray. Fun elements like a paper umbrella and stir sticks can make your table perfect for the summer season.

Summer vibes radiate from this interior design by Sabrina Monte Carlo
Summer vibes radiate from this interior design by Sabrina Monte Carlo

Change Your Curtains

Curtains can make any space smaller or bigger. Dark and long curtains can draw a room in, whereas more breathable and much lighter fabrics can open it up. If you’re concerned about not being able to block out the sunshine when you want to sleep, having a blackout blind underneath them may come in handy.

Art Swap

If you have dark-colored walls, you can brighten them up by adding colorful art pieces that are suitable for the summer interior design theme. You can check out affordable pieces of art anywhere online, at flea markets or resale shops. A collection of small pieces or a big artwork makes a blank wall livelier.

fashion as art illustrations by Lars WALLIN for Desenio
Lars Wallin Fashion Illustrations for Desenio


Decoration tips must always include decluttering your home, and it’s true for the summer season. Once you declutter your space, it won’t only breathe new life, but it’ll also help you do seasonal accessorizing, enabling you to add finishing touches with ease.

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Decorate with Bright Accent Pillows

One of the easiest interior design ideas for brightening up your house for the summer season is adding bright-colored accent pillows. You can enjoy experimenting with colors or even deciding upon a specific theme for your pillows. For instance, you may choose a travel-inspired style or perhaps something nature-inspired.

bold colors interior design and fashion beautify your home koket interior colette sofa tresor pouf pink and black
Interior by KOKET

You don’t have to purchase the most expensive pillows out there. Just choose the one that suits your preferred style and color palette. But, make sure to shop around first before finalizing your options because there is a variety of tempting choices out there.

Increase Lighting

Light is one thing you can’t get enough of during summer. Just ensure that you’re letting the natural light in the best possible way. Get rid of heavy window treatments, particularly if they open up to a better view like the garden. If you require privacy, consider the window treatments that can be opened up with unobstructed views once the sun shines.

To increase lighting in your home, maximize the available natural light during summer and consider replacing your dim lights with bright white bulbs. Adding a statement chandelier can also do wonders!

Summer Interior Design Ideas Brighten Your Home Laura Lee Clark Dining Room KOKET Nymph
Interior by Laura Lee Clark featuring the Nymph Chandelier by KOKET

Place Scented Candles Throughout Your Home

Candles don’t just offer a pop of color, but they can also freshen up your home’s natural scent. Aside from refreshing your space, candles may also improve the aesthetic appeal of your home interior. If you don’t know how to incorporate your favorite hues, you can never go wrong with brightly colored candles. Looking for a candle alternative? Try a diffuser!

Final Thoughts

The warm, happy vibes of summer aren’t only enjoyed outdoors. You definitely can, and should!, bring the summer fun inside your home. All you have to do is consider applying the summer interior design ideas above to brighten your home. Summer vibes await!

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